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This is the tumblog of a person who is known by the name of Crimson Feather. She does all sorts of things like eating and breathing. Sometimes she puts pretty colours on her face. Occasionally she takes pictures and posts them. Other times she might make video's.

I decided to make a blog dedicated to the stuff I love. Some of it will be reblogs. Some of it will be reviews. Some of it will be opinions.
I promise nothing but my honest opinion.

Disclaimer: All products shown are bought and paid for by me. These are my opinions and are not influenced in anyway. All prices correct at the time of filming/review.

Please note the tumblr is under massive reconstruction right now. Links may not work very well!


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The new colours from Makeup Academy in their rather awesome lip velvets. Still only £3 each and now in a range of slightly more neutral colours. 

There are four colours but there is a filter on this picture so not the best representation of the actual colours. The four new shades are called Aflush, Tranquillity, Halycon and Serene.

They’re not online yet but you will find them in your local Superdrug store. 

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