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This is the tumblog of a person who is known by the name of Crimson Feather. She does all sorts of things like eating and breathing. Sometimes she puts pretty colours on her face. Occasionally she takes pictures and posts them. Other times she might make video's.

I decided to make a blog dedicated to the stuff I love. Some of it will be reblogs. Some of it will be reviews. Some of it will be opinions.
I promise nothing but my honest opinion.

Disclaimer: All products shown are bought and paid for by me. These are my opinions and are not influenced in anyway. All prices correct at the time of filming/review.

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Alright miss ‘I don’t believe in photoshop, airbrushing or Instagram filters’

I saw that and it made me laugh so much. She’s said so many times she doesn’t use photoshop and anyone who says otherwise is a lair. Well Doe? How about these apples.

Doe Deere decided posting the top picture of her attacking a girl on instagram to her fan page on facebook would be a good idea. Smart move /sarcasm

I do not know how long the criticism about her actions will remain up. I suspect there’s going to be a mass banning and deletion of all the people that disagree with her shortly. If she does as she’s done in the past.

And it is criticism that she’s facing here. There are few people calling Doe anything other than unprofessional (which it is). The poor girl has already had to make her instagram page private from the attacks she’s been getting. This, as someone pointed out, is after Doe posted about some other girl who got bullied off instagram.
She knows what people are like and she couldn’t even be bothered to blank the name out so the girl didn’t suffer because she had the wrong information. Yes I do now consider Lime Crime vegan since she finally removed petrolatum from the Velvetines. 

The only arguments I’ve seen for her posting this is the standard ‘This is the internet get over it’. Because comments online never hurt anyone right? The other gem is ‘this is her personal page, she can be unprofessional if she wants’. No that is her fan page, she’s the face of Lime Crime. She still needs to be professional on her fan page because she’s still representing her brand and has it labelled as a business person.

This is pretty standard for Doe. This is the kind of person she is. If you buy her products you are supporting her and saying to her it’s okay to continue this kind of behaviour. In the end it’s your choice but there are plenty of alternatives out there.

PS Doe, Too Faced is not a vegan brand (and those products that are vegan don’t use petrolatum) also I can’t find a single OCC product that uses pertolatum, more misinformation?

Finally a Project Pan update!

So I know it’s been a while since I made a project pan update but that’s mainly because I haven’t run out of anything. You don’t realise how long something lasts until you try and use it up. I have two items that died recently. One which was on the list the other, not so much.

The not so much one was the Esteé Lauder Gentle Eye Make Up Remover. Not a thing that’s on my list but it is over and I don’t have another to replace it. I went out a bought it. They’ve changed the formula. It’s now one that has an oil base and actually I like it better.

The one that was on my list is the Elemis Tri-enzyme Resurfacing Gel mask. I love this mask. I much prefer these kind of exfoliators to the one’s with bits in. This one smelt lovely too. I won’t be replacing it due to having a lot of exfoliators in my cupboard but it’s definitely on my repurchase list.

Maleficent is coming to MAC!

These beauties aren’t due for release until the summer (MAC won’t give me a date). That’s a bit odd given the film itself is due to be released at the end of May and Summer officially starts in June. We’ll see when these come out. Once I know, I’ll let you know.

As usual the make up for the film is simply amazing. The way her face has been defined and reshaped is awesome. Of course some of it will be film trickery but at least you can now try to dupe it.

As I said I would I repeated Week 3 Day 2 of the c25K program. In fact I did much better than I was expecting. 

There’s no picture linked to this post because my GPS decided not to work and it thinks I only managed 0.61 of a mile. I have no idea how far I ran but I know my speed was quicker than last time (which I need to watch) because I ended up finishing up my run further along the path than I usually do.
I think this is for two reasons. I wasn’t on a fast day yesterday and I had a lot of distractions today. Something was going on in the woods where I run. Either a treasure hunt or something like that. There were loads of people with maps. It was funny because I was going to other way to them. You could see half of them wondering if they were going to wrong way.

So I’ll be doing Day 3 next Thursday (damn rota) and I’ll do it on a fast day rather than the day after.

I went out there this morning and feeling a but like I had lead for legs. Turns out I was going a little faster than I normally do. Maybe I just pushed myself harder because I felt so bad. I notice this tends to happen after a fast day. It did however lead to one thing. I didn’t quite make the last run. I’ll admit I stopped a couple of time, it wasn’t a complete stop, it was a slow walk. It didn’t last very long but long enough for me to repeat this day on Sunday.

So now I’m sitting here drinking a green smoothie (made with mixed lettuce leaves, spinach, watercress, lemon, apple and banana). It’s a strange old mixture but quite nice. 

I’m sorry I’ve been away but this is what I’ve been up to. I’ve been teaching myself to run. Partly because I feel so bad at the moment. I am unfit and unhealthy. It completely demotivates me to do anything, including this blog.

The fact at my weight, that I can even jog for 3 minutes is something I am very happy about. I am doing this outside and it’s much much harder than doing it on a motorized treadmill. When I need to run it’ll be outside.

I do intend to get back to the New Rules of Lifting once I’ve completed this. I want to complete this before the Download festival. There’s plenty of time because the festival is not until June. it gives me a little wiggle room if I have to repeat a week (or two). 

I ma also spending at least 10 mins a day on my Wii Fit doing different exercises. I am working through the yoga and muscle exercises, doing 3 of each a day. I need to add the games in as well so I am going to do one each day, working my way through them. That way hopefully I won’t get bored.

I haven’t mentioned food. All I am doing right now is tracking my calories and making sure I hit my macros. I am also trying to work in the 5:2 diet if I can during the week. The rest of the days I aim for no less than 1500 cals. Sounds a lot but it’s a lot less than I used to eat and plenty of fuel for my running.

So that’s me. How you doing?

Filters make all the difference. You can see the green in my shadow in one and not the other. Although I did change the lipstick.

Fake On the Outside turned 1 today!

Thank you to all who follow me!



Nice try Xenia, but you’re out about a year. Even given the appeals that no doubt happened, most companies adopted this policy FOREVER ago.

Plus, try practising what you preach regarding vegan and cruelty free practices.

Yeah, I’m pretty annoyed by this. Can you tell?


This demonstrates to me how little care she takes about what she does. She clearly just saw a headline and decided to jump on the bandwagon without reading it’s content.
It’s not the first time she’s grabbed onto an idea without doing the proper research. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about it’s things like not knowing why beeswax is not vegan. If you’re going to produce vegan cosmetics you need to do a massive amount of research about the beauty industry and the vegan lifestyle.