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This is the tumblog of a person who is known by the name of Crimson Feather. She does all sorts of things like eating and breathing. Sometimes she puts pretty colours on her face. Occasionally she takes pictures and posts them. Other times she might make video's.

I decided to make a blog dedicated to the stuff I love. Some of it will be reblogs. Some of it will be reviews. Some of it will be opinions.
I promise nothing but my honest opinion.

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So at the same time as releasing brushes (review to come) Sugarpill also released a new Limited Edition colour. It was called Smitten.



It’s a lovely hot pink loose shadow in the signature white lidded pot. Sugarpill describes it as a ‘shimmery hot magenta loaded with reflective sparks’. I’d say that’s perfectly correct!


As usual from Sugarpill you get 5g for $12 from Sugarpill direct. Unfortunately it’s not available from UK suppliers although you might be able to find it at some of the make up shows.

I did two swatches, one with base and one without.


Pretty right?

And a quick comparison to other Sugarpill shadows


It’s slightly darker than Decora and a little bluer. A nice addition of you’re into pinks.

I completed Week 4 Day 2 today. 
I got up and went out even though when I got out there it was mizzling (mist and drizzle, lovely). I went anyway knowing it’d keep me cool.

It was a hard run, I actually started a little further along the track than I normally do because I needed to check on my GPS (it’s been playing up). The first run was okay, the second felt like I was pushing it. The last one I thought I wasn’t going to make it. When it told me to stop running, I didn’t want to. I knew I had more in me.
For the first time I think I can do this. I know I can run longer and further than I think.

So you get two for the price of one today!

As you can see I completed Week 3 Day 3 on Thursday. It felt like a good run and I know I was going way too fast at the beginning. I had to slow right down on the last part.

I moved onto Week 4 Day 1 on Monday. It was a horrible run. I started off feeling like I was running on empty but I kept going. I didn’t know until about  a third of the way through that I realised that the GPS had given up the ghost. I did complete it, so here’s hoping the next one doesn’t suck so much.

Monday Tuesday Happy Days!

Happy Days is a sheer lip gloss from Makeup Academy. It costs £1 from the MUA website or from Superdrug. It has 15ml of product.

It’s a nice pink. It’s a sheer lip gloss so all you’re going to get is a hint of colour which is exactly what it does. It can be put directly onto the lips for a natural look or layered over a lipstick to give it a nice shine.
It comes in a tube with a flattened nozzle so you spread it directly onto your lips. I like this tube for application. It’s easy to take out as this is all you need to apply it.
The texture is just right. It stays put, is not too runny or thick. It does have a sweet smell which you may or may not like. I personally like the smell. 
It’ll stay put for a few hours but like any lip gloss it won’t outlast drink or a meal. Given the cost that’s not a big issue.

Do I recommend this? I’m not a lip gloss person but I do like this. If you’re into natural looking glosses this is well worth it.

~ Rating ~

Far Far Away

Illamasqua’s Perseid nail polish. It’s costs £14.50 from the Illamasqua website. You get 15ml of product.

Perseid is described as a galactic black glitter, glossy finish.

It’s a black glitter polish. In the bottle there is a myriad of colours including green and dark blue. The glitter is all aurora and it looks amazing.

Once I got it on my nails however I HATED it.
The shimmer you see in the bottle was gone. The application was chunky and a mess. One coat and I was left with a sheer mess on my nails and barely any glitter. A second coat didn’t help much so I resorted to dabbing it on to get good coverage. It looked just like dark blue nails with a bad uneven finish in anything other than fluorescent lights. Then you could see the glitter but there was no depth to the polish at all.

Being it is a glitter polish, it’s a nightmare to remove and so not worth it. I’ve tried it a couple of times and and can say I hate it. So I’m giving it away. The one I used here is up for grabs to someone in the UK.

Is it worth it? No. I didn’t like the application or then end result on my nails. Stay away from this

~ Rating ~

If you’d like it please click the link below! Please note this giveaway is UK only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Illamasqua is holding an Easter egg hunt. They’re offering up to 40% off certain items if you can find them. Clues are released everyday and it’s only certain items that are included.

But don’t worry if you don’t get it straight away. The discount stays for the weekend once the clue has been announced. Yesterday was lipstick and they’re still discounted.

Today? Well to day is….. 
Talons and claws both fair and fowl will benefit from a little of this gloss

I’ll let you work that one out!

A very blurry shot of my lip art inspired by karlapowellmua

It was late at night (I mean like 1am) and it’s not as clean as I’d like. I think I’m going to repeat it but take more care.

Doe tries to justify her cyber bullying by using Kat VonD responding in kind to a personal attack. Just one problem. We’re not buying it Doe.

As most of the commenters have pointed out, it’s not the same. The comment to Kat was a personal attack. The girl who left the comment about Lime Crime was misinformed. It wasn’t even about Doe herself, it was about the company. The comment about Kat was also meant to be nasty, the other was done with the best intentions (although incorrectly). Kat also cut out the girls name from the screenshot. Doe didn’t bother. Although you’ll notice there’s a second comment with the girls name still visible in the screenshot. One these things is not like the other.

Doe then tried to justify it by saying the comment was slander but slander doesn’t need to be fought with vitriol. A simple, you’re incorrect would have sufficed and maybe linking her to some info that proves it. This is not #bossgirl as she hashtagged it. Good bosses know what kind of response is needed. Doe clearly does not.


Alright miss ‘I don’t believe in photoshop, airbrushing or Instagram filters’

I saw that and it made me laugh so much. She’s said so many times she doesn’t use photoshop and anyone who says otherwise is a lair. Well Doe? How about these apples.

Doe Deere decided posting the top picture of her attacking a girl on instagram to her fan page on facebook would be a good idea. Smart move /sarcasm

I do not know how long the criticism about her actions will remain up. I suspect there’s going to be a mass banning and deletion of all the people that disagree with her shortly. If she does as she’s done in the past.

And it is criticism that she’s facing here. There are few people calling Doe anything other than unprofessional (which it is). The poor girl has already had to make her instagram page private from the attacks she’s been getting. This, as someone pointed out, is after Doe posted about some other girl who got bullied off instagram.
She knows what people are like and she couldn’t even be bothered to blank the name out so the girl didn’t suffer because she had the wrong information. Yes I do now consider Lime Crime vegan since she finally removed petrolatum from the Velvetines. 

The only arguments I’ve seen for her posting this is the standard ‘This is the internet get over it’. Because comments online never hurt anyone right? The other gem is ‘this is her personal page, she can be unprofessional if she wants’. No that is her fan page, she’s the face of Lime Crime. She still needs to be professional on her fan page because she’s still representing her brand and has it labelled as a business person.

This is pretty standard for Doe. This is the kind of person she is. If you buy her products you are supporting her and saying to her it’s okay to continue this kind of behaviour. In the end it’s your choice but there are plenty of alternatives out there.

PS Doe, Too Faced is not a vegan brand (and those products that are vegan don’t use petrolatum) also I can’t find a single OCC product that uses pertolatum, more misinformation?