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This is the tumblog of a person who is known by the name of Crimson Feather. She does all sorts of things like eating and breathing. Sometimes she puts pretty colours on her face. Occasionally she takes pictures and posts them. Other times she might make video's.

I decided to make a blog dedicated to the stuff I love. Some of it will be reblogs. Some of it will be reviews. Some of it will be opinions.
I promise nothing but my honest opinion.

Disclaimer: All products shown are bought and paid for by me. These are my opinions and are not influenced in anyway. All prices correct at the time of filming/review.

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Yes LimeCrime. Continue to use grunge as a marketing tool for your business, because that’s totally not what grunge was against at all.  

Yes, continue to use Kurt Cobain as the face of your new campaign. I’m sure if he were alive he would be totally cool being the face of a brand.

Grunge was about not giving a single fuck about your appearance.
Grunge was about not washing your hair for weeks on end because who gives a fuck.
Grunge was a giant fuck you to brands and businesses and their ideas of beauty and what was cool.

But no no, go ahead Doe Deere. Use it to market your business. Using the term “a colour worth burning at the stake for!” clearly didn’t phase you so why should this? Ugh.

She’s done as she usually does and just jumped on a trend with no respect for what it really means. It’s pretty much what I’d expect from Doe Deere.

UPDATE: So I just saw Does Instagram post. Apparently it’s not supposed to be a literal representation of the Grunge ‘look’ (ummm Grunge was a movement not a look) but a modern interpretation. Yeah no.

Done using Makeup Revolutions polish in You Need Love and Maybelline’s Color show in Electric Yellow. Tools used were Ring Reinforcers and a dotting tool.

Instagram round up of the past week.

Video Review of Makeup Academy’s Peel off base polish.

So I got a little shock last night when I was looking at buying a few new items from Makeup Academy. They wanted to charge me just over £16 for shipping. That’s right £16. Turns out it’s because of the shipping restrictions in the UK on nail polish. Once I’d removed the polish it dropped back to the ‘normal’ rate of £2.95.

It’s still ridiculous! Let’s break down the cost of shipping for nail polish from other brands.

  • Illamasqua - FREE on all UK order
  • Makeup Revolution - £2.95
  • MAC Cosmetics - £2.95 
  • Superdrug - £3 for orders under £10 (Free over £10)
  • Boots - £2.95
  • Sleek Makeup - £3.85

Compared to all the others the charges are completely ridiculous. All these companies follow the shipping rules for nail polish in the UK and manage to do it cheaper.

You’re better off using that £16 and going to the closest town with a Superdrug for a day. That way you get your polish and a day out. Crazy charges for no good reason. Shame on you MUA.

Meet my new favourite matt lipsticks. They’re the Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers from Makeup Revolution. They cost just £3 from the Makeup Revolution website or instore at your local Superdrug.

Here we have the seven original colours in this collection

  • Keep Lying For You -  Twilight Lavender colour
  • I Fall In Love - Bright Rose Pink
  • Keep Trying For You - Classic Blue based Red
  • You Took My Love - Magenta Pink
  • Keep Crying For You - Carmine Pink
  • What I Believe - Neutral Baby Pink
  • Keep Flying For You - Soft Orange

I adore these. They’re cream based, which is slightly ore forgiving than some liquid formulations. They’re all intensely pigmented and opaque. Of course given that they are long stay and matte, they are a little drying on the lips. 
For maximum wear they do need to be applied on dry, oil and liner free lips. Doing this they have lasted upwards of 8 hours on my lips. However if you’re going to eat anything oily you might need to reapply them. These don’t tend to come off on glasses or cups and unlike others they don’t bleed.
If you’re unsure about being able to get a straight edge with the doe foot applicator you can use a lip brush for a perfect shape.

I’ve said above that I adore these, so it’s no surprise I’m going to give them five out of five. They’re cheap, they excellent quality and they work! How could I not!

Four exciting new items from MUA.

A black lipstick for £1, that from all blog swatches I’ve seen is really pigmented. A set of matte eye shadows that are perfect winter shades for just £4. A Set of colour correcting creams and powder (no price yet). There new pencils, the most exciting is the clear that’s great for glosses and unusual lip colours for just £1.

So will you be picking any of them up?

I used Makeup Academy’s Mystical glitter nails in Jellyfish for the base. Then I layers a couple of strips of nail tape before applying Pitch Black from MUA. I then removed the tape and applied some stones.

Instagram round up of the week. I seem to be liking green shadows this week.

It’s been a whole 9 days since I last ran, which is lazy and not good for me. I could use work as an excuse but that’s all it’d be.

Today I redid Week 5 Day 1 because that was the last one I did. I found it easier than last time and even improved my pace. So I will be moving onto the next one when I run on Sunday (no excuses).

It was hard but it was worth it. I’m also working on changing my diet. It’s not a proper plan by any means and given my the person I live with is doing Slimming world, it’ll be partly based on that.